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Payroll Tax Is One State’s Bold Solution To Help Seniors Age At Home

Under a program enacted in Washington state this spring, workers can get up to $36,500 to help pay for long-term health care and services such as installing grab bars in the shower or respite care for family caregivers.


Churches Wipe Out Millions In Medical Debt For Others

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In a mission of forgiveness, churches around the country are buying up medical debt for pennies on the dollar then erasing the debts of strangers. Since the start of 2018, at least 18 churches nationwide have abolished more than $34 million burdening America’s most debt-ridden patients.

Social Security Error Jeopardizes Medicare Coverage For 250,000 Seniors

The problem affects private drug policies and Medicare Advantage plans that provide both medical and drug coverage and substitute for traditional government-run Medicare. It could leave plan members without coverage.

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Diabetic Amuputations

A ‘shameful metric’ of inadequate care

  • More: Klobuchar Wants To Stop ‘Pay-For-Delay’ Deals That Keep Drug Prices High
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Look Up Your California Hospital

Is it being penalized by Medicare?

How to Fight ‘Scary’ Superbugs?

Cooperation — and a special soap.

  • More: Klobuchar Wants To Stop ‘Pay-For-Delay’ Deals That Keep Drug Prices High
Asking Never Hurts

Asking Never Hurts

The long and winding road to mental health care for your kid

  • More: Klobuchar Wants To Stop ‘Pay-For-Delay’ Deals That Keep Drug Prices High
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Psychiatric ERs

Hospitals are opening emergency units that calmly cater to patients with mental health needs.

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'Medieval Diseases' Flare

Outbreaks of infectious diseases are resurging in California and around the country, particularly among homeless populations.

‘John Doe’ Patients Sometimes Force Hospital Staff To Play Detective

A large public hospital in Los Angeles gets over 1,000 unidentified patients a year.

  • More: Klobuchar Wants To Stop ‘Pay-For-Delay’ Deals That Keep Drug Prices High
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Picture of Health

Use Of Buprenorphine To Treat Opioid Addiction Proliferates In California

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Buprenorphine is becoming an increasingly popular choice among doctors in California for treating opioid addiction. Use of methadone, while still more common, has not gained ground in recent years.

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